The number of men in technology named Dave is higher than the number of women in the field.


There is a problem in technology.

This problem does not involve hardware, software, or bug fixes. It involves gender and the totally skewed ratio of men to women in the field.

Codeur is a community of girl programmers around a set of online courses that offer real world incentives through an interactive teaching model.

Teaching Model - Many to Many

Sparking interest in young women using their own language will give them the confidence to search for the tools to launch their career in technology.

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Technology, specifically web design and development, connotes innovation and progress, but how is it possible that such a driving force of our society has ceased to acknowledge the lack of women in the sector? Any effort to bring awareness to the problem just brings awareness to the problem. Codeur takes action to bring more women to the web.

While some projects such as Girls Who Code and GoldiBlox strive to get girls involved in technology, their designs rely too heavily on the color pink. The femininity of these projects are exactly what is holding us back. Girls need to feel comfortable in what is currently a masculine environment, but they won't if we keep sectioning them off into their own realms. Instead of providing a "girl-flavored" version of web design education, Codeur speaks to the girls directly through trendy design and rewards.

Codeur is a community of girl programmers around a set of online courses that offer real-world incentives through an interactive teaching model. Sparking interest in young women using their own language with real incentives will make them feel comfortable and familiar with the web.



These young women are in high school, or just starting college.

They are at the time in their lives where they are figuring out who they are. They are developing their own sense of style and image.

This is the time when they decide if they want to be a doctor or an artist, and they are very aware of the factors that play into these decisions (parents, boys, friends, etc).

They shop online, go to parties, and have a close group of friends, but also associate with a larger circle. They are leaders, but don't consider themselves to be popular. They identify with trends in clothing, design, and social media.

School is only fun if it is social and casual. These girls are not book worms, but they do care about intellect. These girls are striving to find their independence.


The Multimedia Arts and Design Academy (MAD) at Santa Barbara High school is a "school within a school" where students learn graphic and web design, film production, and motion graphics along with their standard high school curriculum. Students are encouraged to integrate the skills they learn in their MAD classes with their required classes. For example, a history project would entail creating a website to showcase the knowledge learned in the class rather than a printed essay.Learn more.
Etsy has partnered with Hacker School to help bring more women into technology. Last summer, the Etsy Hacker Grants gave out ten $5,000 grants to women who want to enhance their programming skills. It was a three-month summer intensive program that provided new opportunities for women to begin their careers in technology. In a blog post, Mark Hedlund, VP of Engineering at Etsy, acknowledged that immersing young girls into the world of programming should start as early as middle school. Girls need to know that it is okay to be into technology.Learn more.
Codeacademy is an online school for web development. It embodies many features that I hope to include in Codeur. The gamification aspect of the site encourages users to make progress and earn badges, and the interactive teaching model makes the lessons quite effective. It has many programming languages beyond HTML and CSS. Students can learn PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, APIs, and other basic programming languages. Members of the website can also entire their own lessons. Learn more.